I have always had a passion for movement and encouraging others to take part in that same movement. I began with dance at a young age, studying diverse styles with an emphasis in Ballet and Contemporary. After many years of performing and instructing I discovered Pilates and loved the graceful yet challenging nature of the movement. I studied Pilates in the Fullerton College Teacher Trainer Program for two years, the rest is history! Every day brings new training opportunities, moment experiences and unforeseen challenges.

My style is a synergy of precision, strength, mobility, and creativity. The precision needed to correct alignment allows me to assist my clients in gaining a deeper body awareness that encompasses the whole body and transfers functional training out of the class and into an enriched way of life. With the foundation of precision in place, I can assist my clients in strengthening their body and improving their mobility to improve overall quality of life. Finally, I love to be creative, often drawing on my dance background when exploring fun movement experiences for my clients.