Policies & FAQ’s


How long are all the classes?

All of the classes are 45 minutes in length.

Can the classes at your studio replace my workouts at the gym?

Yes, Pilates can be looked at as a freestanding full body workout program or a nice compliment to your existing fitness routine.

What is the difference between classes at Core Town Pilates and classes at the gym?

All of our classes are kept small, with a maximum of 6 people, which allows for one-on-one attention and instruction. We offer more class times than most gyms and other studios, ranging from early morning to evenings as well as weekends.

How many times a week should I be taking classes?

We like to see our clients in the studio no less than two times per week however depending on your personal fitness goals, the more the merrier. We have plenty of clients who choose to take Pilates 4-5x per week in conjunction to their existing fitness program.

Can I take all of the classes offered at Core Town Pilates while pregnant?

Yes. If you have checked with your doctor and been cleared to exercise, all of our classes are safe for pregnant women, as long as modifications are made and safety precautions are taken. Especially when it comes to Pilates, you can work out through your entire pregnancy, which helps to keep both you and the baby healthy and happy. We love to use the “Pilates Chair” on our expecting Mommy’s as it is a wonderful way to practice Pilates without risking any potential injuries or strain on the baby.

What are the benefits of Pilates?
  • Pilates is a whole-body workout
  • Pilates is adaptable to many fitness levels and needs
  • Pilates creates strength without bulk
  • Pilates increases flexibility
  • Pilates develops core strength
  • Pilates improves posture
  • Pilates increases energy
  • Pilates promotes weight loss and a long lean appearance
  • Pilates increases the awareness with the mind/body connection


24 Hour Cancellation Policy

All scheduled appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel after the 24 hour time frame or no-show to your scheduled class, you will lose that session. It is your responsibility to cancel the class online. The instructors do not have the ability to take you out of a class.

Valid Credit Card on File

For all Clients a valid credit card must be kept on file for both auto renew charges and late cancel fees. If the credit card is declined, you must provide a new credit card within 3 business days to avoid having all future appointments cancelled.

No Refunds

All money paid in advance to Core Town Pilates is non-refundable.

Scheduling Requests

We are happy to schedule 1 or 2 classes for you by phone or in person, but all long term scheduling requests must be made via our website or App so we have a written record of the classes requested. Please send schedule requests or questions to info@coretownpilates.com.

Group Class Policy

Group classes consist of 2 or more clients. We reserve the right to cancel a group class if it does not form, however, we will always do our best to accommodate our clients.

Class and Package Expiration Dates

All classes and packages must be used by 9/30/23