Meet Our Instructors


AC Pilates Teacher Training certifies that Jody Salamirad has successfully completed the Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program with curriculum from Balanced Body University.

Jody is the Owner of Core Town Pilates and Certified Pilates Instructor.  She began studying Pilates 14 years ago what originally was just to try something new in conjunction to her gym work outs.  After taking her first class, she was hooked on Pilates and the fundamentals and principals of how Pilates could compliment her existing work outs.

She began dancing at the age of 3 and continued to dance professionally until she was 23 years old.  After graduating from San Diego State University in 1996, she auditioned for the San Diego Charger Girls and beat 496 other women for a rookie spot on the Team.

Jody studied tap, jazz, hip hop and ballet over her twenty year dance career which included a position on the former Julie O’Connell Dance Team.  After Jody retired from professional dancing, she became a successful Digital Ad Sales Executive for the next 20 years of her career, while continuing to dance for fun when time permitted.

Always focused on health and exercise, Jody found that sweating every day was what she needed to have a healthy mind and body.  After numerous injuries from heavy weight lifting, Jody decided to mix Pilates into her existing work outs but also scaled back significantly on the heavy weight lifting.  Needless to say, she was thrilled with the results.

Although you could always find Jody in the gym, she was never able to get that “six pack” that we strive for.  She was flexible, but her core was weak.  Over the first year of studying Pilates, she started to see a significant difference in the strength of her core which eventually helped her overcome her injuries.  Fast forward 13 years, Jody is beyond excited to open Core Town Pilates in hopes that she can assist others in obtaining a stronger core but most importantly have a ton of fun while doing so.

In 2020, Jody partnered with Savvi as an Ambassador to represent and sell their newly launched Fit line of active wear. Given that she wears active wear daily at Core Town Pilates, she knew that partnering would come naturally to her.  Just like Savvi, Jody believes that being part of a community of like-minded, relentlessly optimistic, smart-working, empowering individuals can only generate more of a positive outcome than what she could do alone.  To shop her online store please visit: and sign up using enroller’s referral code: CoreTownPilates


Jody lives in Rancho Mission Viejo, is the Mom to a wonderful 15 year-old son, and 2 gigantic Goldendoodles.  She received her Pilates certification from The AC Pilates Teacher Training Program.   To contact her please email  She looks forward to helping you obtain your fitness goals.